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If you want to climb Mt Everest, get advice from someone who has already climbed Everest. Real knowledge, real experience.

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creating a healthy, wealthy and wise lifestyle.

The Art of Leadership

Scotty focuses on helping leaders create environments  that encourage people use their strengths to succeed without needing to be perfect, By defining your strengths you can help others find theirs. Get insights into Scotty’s hiring processes, no fire policy and learn how to understand the strengths and needs of your teams. Take it from somoone who has been where you want to go.

Magnetic Selling

Scotty has created a unique approach to selling which has been proven by the incredible growth of his company ReNet.  Learn from his experience selling to clients to build his company from the ground up. Scotty will help you to learn how to present Features Advantages and Benefits and creating your Fish Attracting Device. These lessons are based on Scotty’s proven success and will be the basis of your success too.

My Approach

If you want to learn from someone, then learn from someone who has experienced what you are (or will), if I have walked in your shoes then I’d love to hear from you.

Experience, I mean real experience is what you need to get to the next level, the next chapter of your life, after all knowledge and education can be found everywhere, its easy to find, but real life experience only comes from exactly that, from those that have had the experience themselves in business success.

So you want to climb Mount Everest, find someone who has climbed Mount Everest, ask them questions, learn from them and use what they have experienced to help you avoid learning the hard way, makes sense right? Oh no, don’t ask me, I’ve only read books on climbing that mountain, so I can only talk from knowledge not experience, and my knowledge of climbing Mount Everest… terrible!

On the other hand, if you wanted to start a business, or a startup business, then find a businessperson who has created and maintained a successful business. How did they go from 1 and multiply staff and product without imploding? How did they invest in their product and marketing without going broke? How did they maintain a marriage and family without a divorce and spent time with the kids? I did that, I grew ReNet from nothing, a startup concept to $1.15 trillion dollars in real estate under management in 18 years. Hear from the lessons Scotty has learned on his journey.




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Work/life balance.

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As a business man, Scott’s ethics are impeccable and his ability to build a successful business from scratch is proven with his history at Renet.

I have had a business relationship with Scott Schindler for approximately 12 years. This connection has given me a good insight into Scott as a business man and as a person.

I believe that most good business people in this day and age are, and need to be, good people, full stop. Scott’s dedication to his family, his competitiveness, skills, success as a surfer and mate ship are all characteristics that he brings to his business with obvious results.

If anyone would like to speak to me personally regarding Scott, please do not hesitate to contact me anytime.

Michael Davoren, Managing Director, Remax 




Our business has evolved through Scott – Scott was willing to listen and would never say no.

Scott has an ability to look at a business, analyse it’s needs and deliver a solution and that’s why Renet has been our longest serving supplier.

Through Scott’s innovative marketing we first made contact with him & ReNet in 2003. Back then a cloud based real estate solution was rare. Scott made perfect sense to our business and he was way ahead of his time. Since then our business has evolved and through Scott our software did as well.

Scotts passion for what he does is undeniable and infectious and the amount of all nighters he pulled to finish things for us was above and beyond. He listens and implements.

Scott listened to us, so unlike other real estate software we were able to have real input and control over custom built solutions for us He was able to take our ideas from just that, an idea from a real estate agent, to a working and effective tool in our software. Unlike his competitors Scott was willing to listen and would never say no to a good idea and it’s implementation.

Craig Gillies, Director of Growth, Coronis 


Surfing NSW  

Scotty is a tenacious competitor with astute business acumen. This brief narrative on Scott Schindler will substantiate the high regard I have for this man of impeccable character. I have known Scott Schindler for over 15 years, through a mutual love of surfing. A tenacious competitor in the water with several State and National Titles to his credit.

With astute business acumen, this tenacity was focused on his business interests; he founded ReNet, which he built in to a leader in its field.

Scott has been extremely generous with his time in regards to surfing and its development and has had a positive influence with the development of surfing in NSW.

Mark (Winny) Windon, Executive Director, Surfing NSW