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Sales and Customer Engagement

Sales and Customer Communication

‘I focus on engaging the learner in a journey of self discovery, through mindset coaching and fundamental, practical skills to deliver on objectives. Using the concepts of Myers Briggs personality types, I look for patterns in behaviour and language to determine the best method of facilitation and engagement of the learner. When the learner discovers their own power and knowledge (often they didn’t know they had), ownership of the knowledge exchange rests on their shoulders and is accepted through alignment of their own values.

My Approach

My mission is to empower people to listen to the answers they have in their heart, to go out and sell their ideas and products/services through the confidence in knowing that the world is entitled to share in their superpowers. I love to help people to discover their true, innate personality style so that they communicate authentically and are true to their core values, to build trust and deep connection with family, peers and clients. 

Nothing lights me up more than seeing my clients flourish in business because they’re confident and empowered to pursue opportunities to advance themselves and their career. I believe it is my responsibility to pass on the knowledge and expertise that I have gained over my career, in order to support enhanced communication and encourage improved relationships in the workplace and beyond.

Learning and Development Expertise
Emotional Intelligence
Leadership Development
Mastering Communication
Mindset and Wellbeing
Sales and Customer Communication
Improving Productivity
Learning and Development Experiences

Half Day Workshops

Full Day Workshops


Content Customisation

Generalised skill Gap analysis, capability frameworks

My Qualifications
Advanced Diploma of Management,
Diploma of Marketing,
Diploma of Accounting,
Certificate IV in Fitness,
Certificate IV in Personal and Business Coaching.
Myers Briggs (MBTI) & EQ-i Certified Practitioner,
DDI International (Leadership)Certified Facilitator,
Achieve Global (Huthwaite) Certfied Sales and Leadership Facilitator.
Clients I have worked with
Concur (SAP),
USC (University of Sunshine Coast)
A number of emerging entrepreneurs

All regions

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“Kym was amazing and so generous with her time and effort. She really took the time to get to know my business before giving some great practical advice on how to promote it and incorporate all the best features into what I’m offering. I look forward to working with Kim more into the future.”

Kelly Kilah