Let's get started on your project

1. You brief us

You relay your brief on the fly when it’s convenient in a secure online form. This is when you share requirements, goals, outcomes, dates, preferences. We contact you if we need to explore further.  

2. We get to work

We notify members that are a good fit and they respond with solution proposals in a standardised format. Fast, simple, easy.

3. Review Solutions

You review solution proposals and profiles. You review member’s profiles, expertise, credentials and past client testimonials.

4. Select and book

You can either book and confirm your expert on the spot or we facilitate a Zoom call prior to booking. You Book and pay a 20% deposit online. Fast, simple, efficient.


5. Align

Create a highly engaging learning experience for your business. Work with your chosen learning expert to align their content to your business goals.   

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Frequently asked questions (business or coaching)

What services do you offer?

Post a project

Post a project, chat, then book

What is the difference between Browse + Book and posting a project?

Browse and Book allows you to: Review our experts and what they offer by learning area, or choose the expert you like and book them online by paying a deposit. You can immediately see if they’re available when you need them. You can also have a quick one on one consultation to arrange your learning activity. Either the expert or client can cancel the learning activity within 24 hours of their consultation. If this happens we refund the service in full. 

Post a Project allows you to: Brief experts on your situation, compare solutions and proposals, shortlist up to three experts and speak to them on a video hook up. You can book by paying a 20% deposit. 



How long before we will be in touch?

We’ll send an email straight away to confirm we have your brief or booking. If you’ve posted a brief or booked through the Browse + Book function we’ll be in touch within 48 hours. For Browse + Book clients the next step is to arrange a video hook up. 

How do I know I have selected the right expert?

If you’ve booked through the online booking process you’ll have an online video call with your expert prior to your training or coaching to check in and make sure your expert understands your goals and expectations.  If you feel you don’t have the right match after your one on one video call, we’ll refund your deposit in full within 24 hours.

How can I be sure confidentiality will be maintained?

All of our experts sign a confidentiality agreement called a non disclosure agreement (NDA) before they join our team. This means that they are legally required to keep the information you share confidential.

Do I need to take care of organising logistics for the event?

You can choose to do this yourself or we can do it for you. Our support crew are available to book venues, print training material and organise catering. Let us know how we can help and we’ll get it done.

What if I am not satisfied with what’s put forward?

We’re here to help. If you aren’t satisfied with your solutions contact us via chat, email or phone at any time and we’ll help you resolve your concerns. If you are using the post a brief process you can shortlist up to three experts to have a one on one consultation before you book. If you have booked online directly you will have a one on one consultation before your training starts. In the case you have the option of a full refund of your deposit for 24 hours after your consultation.

What happens if I need help creating the brief?

You can call one of our learning strategists to assist you with your brief. The better the briefing process the more relevant proposals you will receive so it is worth making a call if you think our team can help. Call us on 0448 351 767.

What happens when I submit my brief ?

We will share your brief with our private community of facilitators. They’ll submit solutions (proposals) to you based on their expertise and availability. You will find your responses at your private home page. Your email address will be retained by change republic.co

How will I receive my proposals?

We will email all of the proposals to you. You then email us to book your preferred expert or you can email us to advise your shortlist of up to three experts. We’ll then arrange a video hook-up for you to have a discussion.

How does the shortlist process work?

After this interview, our experts will confirm their ongoing interest in the project. If you request refinements (eg. costings) to the proposal your expert will resubmit it and we’ll share their final proposal with you by email.

How do I make a booking?

Simply email us when you are ready to book. We’ll confirm the facilitator or coach is still available. We’ll then issue an invoice for your 20% deposit. Once this is paid we will issue a final booking confirmation. The balance will be due 14 days after the training is completed.

Browse + Book

Browse online, book, then chat

What is Browse + Book?

Browse + Book allows you to view the profile of experts and see what they’re passionate about, their experience and testimonials. We have an integrated calendar included on their profile which allows you to book a time to chat with us without having to make a phone call. 

Can I speak to the expert before the training starts?

Absolutely. We will arrange a briefing session via video hook up or face to face with an expert to make sure their training or coaching is tailored to suit your needs. 

What if I change my mind?

After your one on one consultation either party can change their mind within 24 hours. If either you or the expert change their mind within 24 hours we will help you find an alternative expert.

How will I be invoiced for the project?

Change Republic will invoice you for a 20% deposit at the time of booking. Once the training event has been conducted, we will invoice you for payment due within 14 days. Once we have been paid we will then pay the expert within 7 days.

Need help ?

Let our learning strategists guide you

  • Our learning strategists are on hand to assist you in getting a fast response. If you need assistance get in touch.