Meet Michael c. 

Transformation Guide for Self, Groups and Systems 

Participatory Design

and Innovative Collaboration


Inclusive Design: Re-Discover, Re-Create and Iterate

I help teams and cross functional groups come to a deep understanding of the different perspectives of groups with the same organisation. By focusing on these perspectives and creating listening partnerships teams are able to create the trust required for ongoing collaboration. Once formed this trust becomes part of the organisations culture and is the basis of ongoing collaboration and innovation. 

Bringing people together and developing a powerful question, reflection and conversation format enables groups to resolve problems, break down organisational barriers and better meet organisational challenges. This is particularly helpful in organisations where trust with critical internal communities and customer groups has broken down and needs to be rebuilt. My deep background in finance and consulting can help organisations from a wide range of industries to create innovation that meets the organisations needs.

My Approach

I work to unlock what is stuck in any complex system.  This includes the Systems of Self, Groups and wider Ecosystems of Human, Social and Economic Relationships.

My Institutional Investing and Consulting professional life was the incubator that led me to appreciate and evaluate the diversity of origin in human and community operating systems both at country and organisational level; then quantify the differences and merits of each. From that competitive environment in global financial markets, I began to appreciate making the invisible Visible by listening differently (I call myself a Babel Fish) and asking different and difficult questions.  My intention, always, is to unearth the value within existing stakeholders and the opportunity of combining diversity into intentional mutual benefit maximisation. This became my ethos and led me to the work of Participatory Design in business and communities who were looking to access transformation opportunities often through Collaborative ventures.

My ability, or superpower, is to curate the necessary facilitation and practices to:

  • reveal what we take for granted as potentially valuable and informative,
  • confront hurdles and blindspots in the current system,  
  • create space for emerging new possibility from internally generated “system” learnings
  • harvest the seeds of innovation and create the environment to help them grow

The human operating system is different and evolving and it takes a person willing to champion and try a new approach, usually when they see the incongruence of an existing approach to solving burning challenges of the day..





Learning and Development Expertise


Participatory Design
Listening Partnerships and Trust Building
Transition Program Design and Evaluation
Collaboration Agreement across cultures, sectors and functions


Learning and Development Experiences

Half Day Workshops

Full Day Workshops


Conference and Event Speaking

Executive Coaching Programs

Organisational Development Strategy

Retreat and System Experiential Journey programs 

Stakeholder Dialogue and Forum Convenor

My Qualifications
Bachelor of Commerce (Banking and Finance)
Diploma in Applied Finance and Investment, Australian Securities Institute
CFA Institute
Accredited Partnership Broker, Partnerships Broking Association
Centre for Coaching
Presencing Institute
Ubuntu Lab and u.lab-s Convenor
Clients I have worked with
Old Mutual Wealth
World Vision
Australian Aid
Imani Development
African Union
Development Bank for Southern Africa

All regions

Let’s work together


 Michael has an energy and intelligence that enables him to quickly identify the issue and to recommend easy and effective solutions that are precisely what you need. I’ve had the pleasure of training Michael in the truth about trust and he truly is an Ambassador for trust in South Africa. He ‘gets’ trust, he understands what breaks it down and he can help businesses and partnerships build it and get on with business. You need to talk to Michael before you go into any kind of business partnership or trade deal – he will help you build a solid foundation of trust to sure up its success. 


Vanessa Hall, Entente






Rand Merchant Bank

Michael was involved in the launch of the new Cadiz Alternative Investments division and quickly built a sub-brand (Cadiz Green) where he found new talented and successful fund managers seeded with a unique strategy, and assisted to attract a European Fund of Hedge Funds to seed our multi-asset, multi-strategy Fund (Cadi Pan Africa Diversified Opportunities Fund). Despite adverse market conditions, we worked together to develop the fund concept prior to Michael leaving Cadiz. I would recommend Michael to you as a reliable, trustworthy and innovative Financial Services professional whom I would work with again anytime.”

Andrew Wolfson – Global Markets