Support Mental Health and Wellbeing at Work

Mental Health Skills and Wellbeing Training

Improve engagement and culture through mental health skills training. Encouraging your people to bring their whole selves to work and improve wellbeing and mental health within the workplace. Options include Mental Health First Aid Workshops or a Mental Health at Work program.

Understand why we think the things we do, learn to work with your emotions and bounce back quickly. Improve your ability to practice advanced cognitive skills like creativity, innovation and design thinking.

Why Change Republic?

We are a community of independent learning and development experts committed to helping you maximise your learning. The Change Republic experience works to ensure that you and your learning expert fit. Deal directly with your learning and development expert and create a mental health and wellbeing training experience that works for you.

Encourage Recovery

Resting our bodies and our brains is an  essential part of our recovery time. Resting our brains and bodies gives us the “space and time” required to be creative and solve complex problems.

Support Mental Health

Understand how to care for your own mental health and manage your work performance. Improve relationships with those around you and utilise learnings based on what works for you.

Support Others

Improve empathy within your workplace. Mental Health First Aid provides training and awareness on how to recognise people in need of support and connect them with that support.

Choose your mental health and wellbeing learning experience

Personalised Coaching

Coaching is a one on one individual activity designed to develop your personal skills. Coaching programs typically start with three one hour sessions. You will be able to share challenges in a private and confidential environment. Your coach will challenge and stimulate you – helping you to improve your skills.


Full and half day workshops are a great way for you to create an engaging, shared social experience for your team. Bringing people together to learn creates a united culture that will engage your team in your future direction. See how you team lifts their performance after a shared face to face experience.