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Hi, I’m a highly skilled and experienced learning and development professional who loves to create learning solutions that build competence, capability, leadership and culture. I like to work collaboratively with my clients to understand their needs and develop the solution that works for their organisation. I use a blended learning methodology with a strong focus on learning in the flow of work to help ensure the learning sticks. I’m also a pretty good content writer/editor/proofreader.

One of my strengths is working in greenfields environments turning concepts and ideas into practical organisational learning solutions that are engaging, relevant and get results.

My two passion areas are Leadership and Emotional Intelligence. Both are essential for organisational success, never more so than now in the fourth industrial revolution. While machines are busy automating routine,repetitive tasks, they cannot replace our uniquely human abilities such as leadership and emotional intelligence.

At its heart, emotional intelligence is about how people behave towards themselves and each other. Emotional intelligence is the ability to recognise, manage and express our emotions. It affects every aspect ofour working lives, from how we communicate, collaborate and solve problems; to how we resolve conflict and embrace each other's individuality. As Maya Angelou once said, 'people will never forget how you made them feel'.

The other essential element for organisational success is leadership: professional, courageous and ethical leadership. Leadership is about impact and influence. It is the ability to communicate effectively, provide inspiration, encourage potential, and nurture and support people. Leaders are the people who are respected and trusted; they are the people that others want to follow, regardless of titles or management roles.Organisations are people, and people are organisations.

Leadership and emotional intelligence have the power to either make or break organisations. We all spend a lot of our waking time at work, and no-one wants to have a garbage time. Organisations with great leadership and culture are incredibly uplifting and inspiring places. They are where the people want to be. The places where everyone believes in the mission and vision, looks forward to coming to work and wants to go the extra mile.

I am passionate about designing learning solutions that help organisations thrive through developing great leadership and emotionally intelligent workplace cultures to drive positive growth.

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Clients I have worked with
EPA Victoria,
Victorian Commission for Gambling & Liquor Regulation,
WorkSafe Victoria,
Victorian Asbestos Eradication Agency,
Australian Institute of Training and Development
Caterpillar Australia

Accredited PRISM Brain Mapping Practitioner,
Master of Adult Education (Global), Monash University
Bachelor of Adult Learning and Development, Monash University Diploma of Management, Mt Eliza Business School
Advanced Diploma of Jazz Studies, Sydney Conservatorium of Music, NSW


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Let’s work together

Jane is a truly inspiring colleague and collaborator. Her passion and immersion in learning and development combine to deliver experience, innovation and delivery that I have not seen rivalled. She manages to combine an easy style with accountability that encourages those around her to meet her standards and strive for better outcomes. I continue to be influenced by my time working with Jane.’

Tim, Team Leader.

Jane was able to pull together in the few days she was in Darwin a very useful plan for the way ahead that address all my concerns in regard to the course. I was very impressed with Jane’s knowledge, enthusiasm and professionalism.’

Neil, Deputy Director.

‘Thank you for everything this year, I learnt so much working with you, and to understand more of the L&D process has been priceless. The last year has been a massive learning curve for me, and you helped me understand a lot of new concepts’.

Chris, Subject Matter Expert Trainer.