Ep. 2 Productivity tips, reducing suffering & doing more with less with Matt Cowdroy

by Emily Walker and Kylie Sinclair | Learning to Thrive

Productivity tips, reducing suffering & doing more with less with Matt Cowdroy

Episode 2. May 13th 2020

Welcome to the second episode of Learning To Thrive where we unpack learning. development and leadership in the digital age. Join host and co-founder of learning freelance marketplace, Emily Walker and producer Kylie Sinclair as we learn on this journey to learn to thrive a rapidly changing digital world. 

Improving productivity and output is critical through disruptive times, but it can often come at the cost of our wellbeing. Improving productivity and reducing stress is possible through small changes to our everyday behaviour and systems. Learn from Matt Cowdroy, a leading productivity coach that regularly advises executives in the fast paced financial services industry. Matt shares his best tips to help you move the most important work forward, with more calm and less stress.

With Matt we learn: 

  • Tips for managing and processing email effectively
  • Why employees struggle and suffer with productivity
  • Managing meetings
  • How to set up your day, week and quarter for success
  • Creating and managing your master list, apps, project software etc. 

Join Matt and Emily Walker, co-founder of Change Republic and host of Learning to Thrive – a brand new podcast about learning to thrive in this rapidly changing, digital world. Come on a learning journey with us as we explore insights and learnings from experts in future skills, behaviour change, learning and development, mindset and leadership.