Meet steve C. 

Create RAD learning solutions to help you scale, grow and WIN!

Learning Strategy 

In order to create RAD learning there needs to be an overarching game plan and insights. Therefore bringing the required amount of learning strategy to projects ensures we encompass your big picture. We love asking questions and teasing out the  reasons why our clients want to embark on a learning adventure. 

Learning Design

Learning Design is a core function for us because it comes down to creating an awesome learning experience for our clients and our client’s learners. This can only be done by getting in the trenches and walking around to fully understand the world of our learners. Then and only then can we start to ask amazing questions to then build an awesome learning experience. 

My Approach

We are healthily obsessed about learning. We specialise in being professionally ignorant which enables us to ask a lot of purposeful questions, ensuring we fully understand the needs of our clients before we build a single thing. Our company is not sponsored by any platforms or third party providers which ensures there is no bias in our recommendations for platforms, technology used (this is important for us). 

We also build for your learners (your opinion is important too) but at the end of the day a sure fire way decrease completion and engagement rates is to not engage the learners prior to build.

We totally respect learning theory and learning methodologies but at the end of the day these things won’t make learning RAD, sure they can help but we certainly won’t be using ADDIE and his friends as an excuse to add pages to our quote/proposal or to make us sound smarter than the average bear 🙂

We love having fun and feel it’s important to leave our clients in a better position post having us in their life. This could be with open and honest communication channels, real and meaningful discussions about what exactly we feel they need for a specific project and just getting the work done in agreed timeframes.


Learning and Development Content Expertise

Executive Leaderhip Developoment Training  

Commuication Training 

Compliance Training 

Diversity and Inclusion Content 

Sales Training 

Change Management and Change 

Customer Service Training 

Creativity Skills 

Emotional Intelligence 



Process Simulation 


Mental Health and Wellbeing 


Technical Writing 

Learning and Development Services and Skills

Learning Strategy 

Digital Learning Instructional Design 

Training Needs and Evalutation 

Project Management 

Managing External Vendors 

ID for Face to Face Learning 

Virtual Facilitation 

Business Coaching 

Managing a Team 

Executive/LD Coaching 

Writing & Editing Learning Communications 

Learning Consulting (including tech/digital process) 

Learning Business Partnering 

Learning Experience Manager 

Process Simulation 

Video Editing 

LMS Management Consulting 



My Qualifications

Bachelor of Commerce (Human Resources & Marketing) Certificiate IV Training and Asssessment (Got a PHD in Youtube 😉 

Business Partner: NLP Trainer Life and Executive Coaching Certification Matrix Therapy Bachelor of Economics 12


Clients I have worked with



Australian Clinical Labs




Surf Life Saving Australia

Life Saving Victoria

Japan Life Saving Association

Dark Horse Rowing (USA)

Pogue Solutions

Job Man

Mission Australia

Flexi Group

Chisholm Tafe


Service NSW

Life Skill Academy



Australia, New Zealand and Asia 

Let’s work together

JBWere/Bendigo Bank

I am delighted to provide a reference for Stephen. Stephen was contracted as an Instructional Designer for a complex risk program of work 1 year ago.

I worked closely with Stephen over the past 9 months. Stephen is an extremely professional, capable and highly respected individual. His attitude to work and quality of work is outstanding. He is very quick to understand the key messages required for learning and development. He has an engaging personality with strong technical capability that
cultivates business rapport with all staff. One of Stephen’s key attributes is his ability to develop training with little or no supervision. You only have to nominate the key people to contact and he will you provide a first class result,
managing all the contacts with staff, the technology and the content supporting the end product. Stephen developed exceptional learning and development products and introduced “Learning on Demand” that was widely accepted by all areas. This was extremely successful evident by a number of other projects adopting Stephen’s approach and requesting his help. I recommend Stephen with complete confidence and I would gladly work with him anytime. 

Greg Gogerly, Business Delivery Manager and Program Director