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Flexing up? Need to find the right experienced facilitator or instructional designer to meet a specific need? Change Republic is the best place to find & engage experienced facilitators, instructional designers and executive coaches in Australia. Get free project management support from our dedicated client management team to get the best from our learning community. Or simply share your brief and get started on the platform. 

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find the quality learning freelancer you need now   

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Flex up your learning team with our Australian network of experienced learning professionals. With our experienced client management service, we’ll connect you with the best expert for the job, every time.  

One Vendor Relationship

Onboarding can be slow and painful. Benefit from having one supplier relationship that gives you easy access to the best independent learning professionals and learning providers in Australia. 

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Too often we take the easy option, when there might have been someone more suitable for the work. Have piece of mind you’ve gone to market to find the best possible solution to your problem. Compare ideas, quotes, testimonials and more, fast. 

Trust and Outcomes

Our network have been referred or hand picked  and are specialists in their fields. Commission a new design from experts on the subject, tailor content to your requirements or find a facilitator to deliver tried and true programs. 

Want bespoke? Customise a solution to address specific needs or flex up for a project or program.   

Drive performance and change with help from our marketplace of skilled learning professionals and providers. Find an experienced solution architect or learning designer and commission something tailored. Or address an urgent need with tailored content that has been tried, tested and delivered by a subject matter expert.  Compare quotes & previous client experience fast. Start by sharing a few details of what you need. 

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Flex Your Resources & Find Specialists

Find specialist skills, subject matter experts and the experience you need as you need it. For short sharp project or for a full program.

Share Your Needs For Free

Share a simple brief with us. Or speak to a dedicated client manager for support to get the best out of our community.  It’s free to share a brief. 

Get Quotes & Review Profiles

 Review proposals (our marketplace sets their own rates). Vet profiles, experience, qualifications, testimonials and past work to save time. 

Vet Your Shortlist

Interview and vet your shortlist. Finalise proposal details & set outcomes & milestones. Our client managers are on hand to help. 

Simple Procurement

Access a network of specialists through a competitive process. Make procurement easy by getting one invoice from Change Republic.

Experienced Speaker & Executive Coach

Rowdy M

“I have worked with Rowdy on leadership programs for my team and a cultural program. His down to earth style, practical strategies & ability to see what is really happening with the teams has made a massive difference. If you want to drive performance to a higher level & get real I’d highly recommend. 

CEO, Suncorp Insurance

Experienced Facilitator, Executive Coach

Wendy J

I would recommend her work to anyone who is aiming to improve emotional intelligence to succeed in professional and personal spheres. Sessions are invaluable towards helping me to develop assertiveness, strengthen interpersonal & leadership skills

Senior Leader, Finance, University Sector, NSW

Executive Coach and Trainer


David is known for been a well-prepared training consultant that oozes business knowledge and enthusiasm while also achieving the key learning outcomes, I would highly recommend David for the delivery of your training programs. 

Veronica Riley, Global Learning and Program Manager