Meet MARK O. 

My Why: To leave a legacy by transforming the quality of leadership in the world 

Leadership + Engagement + Talent Strategies 

Leadership + Engagement

I help clients have major practical insights into their leadership which improve both work and home life. Management can be improved through cognitive lessons, tools and techniques, but we provide leadership courses that look more at developing a profound self-awareness. It is clear, we can all improve our leadership and it makes a big difference to those around us.

Talent Acquisition

We have powerful strategies which can ensure you select and retain the leadership talent you need to be successful into the future, in an ever more complex environment. The majority of companies are finding they are recruiting in different markets to just a couple of years ago, have a rapidly changing talent requirement and are required to recruit for ever more specialised roles.

My Approach

I help clients to make a step change in their leadership intelligence and performance through authentic leadership programs which help people to be the best leaders they can be by building on the four ways to lead: serving, saving, coaching or inspiring.

I design and implement leadership assessment or a developmental approach differently to address the wider concerns of our clients.

We do this by looking specifically at the situation and particular circumstances of the client organisation and customising its approach accordingly, using the four intelligences it has identified. It also maintains an ethical approach and so makes sure that the process respects each individual involved.

Our talent acquisition strategies include selection and assessment to support recruitment, and use of psychometric instruments in the workplace allow you to not only refine your leadership practice but complement this to bring in talent that supports your leadership capability requirements.


Learning and Development Expertise
Leadership Development
Mindset and Wellbeing
Emotional Intelligence
Mastering Communication
Mindset and Wellbeing
Creativity and Innovation
Improving Productivity
Learning and Development Experiences
Half Day Workshops
Full Day Workshops
Executive Coaching Programs
Conference and Event Speaking
My Qualifications
The Universal Hierarchy of Motivation (UHM) – Accredited designer, Master trainer and international administrator by MarkTwo Consulting
Pario Professional – Master trainer and administrator through Pario HR Solutions
Myers-Briggs Type indicator (MBTI) & Step II Expanded Interpretive Report – Professional accreditation through the Institute of Type Development & Australian Psychologists Press
BEI Master Trainer – Accredited Master trainer by MarkTwo Consulting
Leadership and Coaching Qualifications
Strong Interest Inventory® Profile – Accredited through CPP Asia-Pacific
Enneagram – Professional accreditation through the Institute of Type Development
Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation–Behaviour (FIRO-B™) – Accredited through CPP Asia-Pacific
Self-Directed Search (SDS) – Qualified to use
though CPP Asia-Pacific (based on Holland’s Theory)
Majors Personality Type Inventory (MajorsPTI) – Authorized by
Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) – Familiarization through Advanced Neuro Dynamics Australia
Time Line Therapy® – Familiarization through Advanced Neuro Dynamics Australia
DiSC – Accredited by Integro Learning Company
Pearson-Marr Archetypes Indicator™(PMAI) – Authorized by Meristem (and authorized to use the ‘Twelve Archetypes’)
Personal Profile System – Accredited by Integro Learning Company
Managing Professional Growth (MPG) – Accredited through Blessing White
Leading Successfully – Qualified facilitator through Blessing White (also known as the Leaders, Bosses and Bastards™)
Getting to Yes (Negotiating Agreements, Resolving Disputes) – Accredited in the Harvard University designed negotiation skills course by CMA
Advanced Management (Gwaltney, Spalding & Ewans Path Commitment instrument) – Mentor Management Inc accredited
Learning Type Measure (LTM) – Familiarization through Australian Association of Psychological Type (AusAPT)
Professional Facilitation Accreditation – Qualified as a facilitator in Skills for Empowered Workshop through DDI Asia-Pacific (Development Dimensions International)
CCS Corporation – Recognized user & facilitator of Compatibility Communication System products
7 Habits of Highly Effective People – Trained by Covey Leadership Centre Australia

Executive Coach – Qualified through the Institute of Executive Coaching
National Coaching Accreditation Scheme – Registered in the sports of Soccer, Taekwondo and Squash Rackets
Level II First Aid – St John’s Ambulance

Talent Assessment Qualifications
Occupational Personality Questionnaires (OPQ) – Accredited by Saville & Holdsworth (SHL) suite of OPQ products, also accredited in SHL Assessment and Development Centres
Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI) – Accredited through DDI Asia-Pacific
BEI (Behavioural Interviewing) – Accredited in TSI (Targeted Selection Interviews) both as an Administrator and Trainer through DDI Asia-Pacific
Wave – Authorized to administer and assess through Saville Consulting at Level 2
Hogan Development Survey (HDS) – Accredited through DDI Asia-Pacific
Initial Recruitment Interview Schedule (IRIS) – Trained through Brunel Institute of Organisation and Social Studies (BIOSS) – Trained in a methodology which correlates with the CPA (Critical Path Appreciation), a process used to assess Level of Capability as defined by Stratified Systems Theory
Certificate IV in Training and Assessment – Accredited through the Australian Management Academy
Job Analysis and Restructuring – Qualified in the Job Analysis Relatedness Workshop through DDI Asia-Pacific
Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) – Level Mb Psychological Test User (equivalent to British Psychological Society Intermediate Level B)
Clients I have worked with

Australian Red Cross
Simply Energy
Australia Post
Cloud Solutions
City of Melbourne
National Foods
Victoria Police
Monash City Council
Brisbane Airport
Geelong Australia
KW Doggett
Coal Allied
Macquarie Bank


South Africa
New Zealand

Let’s work together

Sydney Ports Corporation

Sydney Ports Corporation put up Botany Bay for sale and the Australian New South Wales State Government expected to sell it for A$2.1Bn. It sold in 2013 for over A$5Bn and the equity buyers stated that they were prepared to pay so much more because it was in such good shape. The CEO, Grant Gilfillan, said our courses which have run through the organisation from the CEO down over the last 3 years, directly contributed to the financial outcome and the extra A$3Billion raised.
“Just a short note to say thank you for… the managerial leadership training. It was a fantastic course and the last 3 days were simply brilliant… an excellent programme for Sydney Ports [Corporation] which will serve us well for a long time to come.

Lachlan Benson
Executive General Manager, Industry Relations & Logistics.


Following a number of [interactions] with Mark I was keen for my top team to learn some of the leadership concepts we had been working through. The two day program with Mark was superb, with extremely positive feedback from the whole team

Tim Moore-Barton, Chief Executive Officer,


National Foods

Mark has been an inspiration to my team in helping them gain a greater understanding of themselves and how they impact the teams they lead. One of the outcomes has been the 250% increase in employee engagement over the [3 years] Mark has worked with us .

David Bough, CIO