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Leadership Capability and Development

Leadership Development

When a person is promoted there is always excitement and anticipation.  Jenny’s work with frontline leaders in stepping up to their next role and her work with senior leaders in enhancing their skills and awareness consists of analysis of current state and future state and workshops and interventions. These help a person graduate from “Management 101” through to sophisticated strategic leadership concepts and competencies.

Team Conflict

When teams form, when a team is undergoing change the team needs clarity on where it stands.
In some circumstances this isn’t clear and conflict arises, impacting motivation and often turnover.
Through a series of workshops, coaching, Jenny can help the team navigate its way through a bumpy patch in their
road, leading to results and engagement. The process is a simple one and the methods are inclusive and invigorating..

My Approach

My philosophy is that there is wisdom in the room, it is up to the facilitator to just bring it out. I do this by creating a safe environment where people can question ideas and collaborate to come to a greater level of understanding, followed by action. 

Don’t expect to be “talked at” in my sessions, but expect to contribute, discuss, debate and decide. The room and result is yours, not mine. If the people in the room are engaged, participating in healthy discussion and debate and bring their own experiences to the table, the learning automatically “sticks” as it resonates and is relevant. This is what true development is all about. I like to think that I bring best practice and thought leadership to the room for the room to explore, play with and test. I specialise in making sure that the concepts and tools are practical and can be used as soon as the workshop is over.

Learning and Development Expertise
Leadership Development
Emotional Intelligence
Mastering Communication
Mindset and Wellbeing
Presentation skills,
Gaining Executive Presence,
Conflict resolution,
Team Building.
Learning and Development Experiences

Half Day Workshops

Full Day Workshops


Conference and Event Speaking

Executive Coaching Programs

Team Offsites
Strategy Sessions
Team Building Sessions

My Qualifications
Saville 360,
Blanchard Situational Leadership,
OCAI (Organisational Culture Assessment Instrument),
Drexler Sibbett Teams,
Kilman Conflict model,
Neuro Linguistic Programming practitioner,
Neuro Semantic Coach,
Institute of Coaching accreditation (Tony Grant)
Agile (currently gaining accreditation)
Clients I have worked with
Johnson & Johnson,
Schneider Electric,
Australian Pharmaceutical Industries

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Shipleys International

Jenny is a rare, rare person. I offer my most heartfelt recommendation for Jenny because she represents and totally delivers on the following qualities and values I regard as vital in the world today. Vital, but rare. Firstly, Jenny has a terrific intelligence. She sees and understands complex situations quickly. This means faster time to great problem solving, her next terrific quality. Jenny is also refreshingly free of ego – because of this her problem solving is open, inclusive and innovative. I have never seen any ‘not invented here’ thinking from her, ever. Lastly, Jenny has a prodigious work ethic. Phew – she really gets stuff done. This sometimes means she is asked to execute on an extraordinary range of subjects and topics – beyond what most could reasonably comprehend let alone do, let alone well.”

Jeremy Pollard, Client

Optus Business

As I joined Optus Business I had the pleasure of working closely with Jenny as she worked to support in lifting our overall capability across the organisation. Jenny had established a strong organisational development agenda. Supporting a large organisation, Jenny was pivotal in the uplifting of our sales leader community as we set the road map, Jenny invested quality time to ensure our needs and priorities were understood and continued to support us on the journey. Jenny changed the game for us and her constructive partnering approach ensured that the changed was followed through and embedded. Jenny built a strong brand and our leadership team highly respected the investment she built and executed upon to uplift our organisation performance. I would recommend if you are looking for a highly engaging, positive leader that will champion the uplift through the organisation. ” –

Masseh Haidary, CEO DELV

Optus Business

Jenny created solutions, tools and resources to support development in the areas of leadership, coaching and teams . She engaged in a very collaborative manner to ensure great results and was an integral and respected member of our business. I would recommend her.”

John Paitaridis, CEO Optus Business