Meet Sandi G. 

When the Student is ready, the Teacher appears.

Psychological Safety in the Workplace

Supporting Mentally Healthy Workplaces

Although awareness of mental health issues has increased over the decades, sadly the stigma of mental health conditions still exists. People who are struggling with life are fearful of looking like they ‘aren’t coping’ and being harshly judged if they talk about how they feel. Those that are concerned about their colleagues, friends or family members don’t ask them how they are for fear of not knowing what to say or how to help.

I’m a survivor of PostNatal Depression and PTSD after some very challenging events in my life. I know the isolation someone with mental health challenges can experience. Tragically, my brother chose to end his life many years ago. I know the enormous impact that had on my family and his friends.

I am on a mission to help people travel through their lives more easily – and perhaps even save a life along the way. Let’s work together and make our workplaces more productive and more humane … not to mention ensuring our workplaces are compliant with OH&S laws and ending the expense of compensation claims, absenteeism, presenteeism and Fair Work cases.

My Approach

No one wants to talk about – or deal with – the elephants in the room. It could get messy. It might create dissension and conflict. It may upset some people. It’s like ‘rocking the boat’.

Yet those ‘elephants’ are exactly what needs to be talked about. The longstanding, unresolved conflicts. The annoyances that were small at the start yet now loom large within the culture of your team. All the things that get discussed behind people’s backs, rather than to their face. It feeds the grapevine and fuels gossip.

It’s time to build our confidence in having the tough conversations. It’s time to find our courageous voices. It’s time to build our skills in discussing:

* Mental Health in the workplace
* Bullying, exclusion and intolerance of differences
* Differences of opinion so we reach outcomes everyone can accept and live with
* How we can be professionally assertive – clear, firm and polite in our communication

My style is provocative, not prescriptive. I don’t tell people what to do. Rather, I see the best value I can add to your organisation is to provoke people’s thinking and help them reach their own new approaches that will truly work for them.

Client comments of which I am most proud include:
I am one of the most authentic facilitators they have worked with
They can’t believe how quickly the group feels safe and at ease
I make the complex issues of communication seem simple and new skills attainable by all
The learning ‘sticks’ because the learners have taken ownership of it, as well as taking responsibility for their future.

You won’t need to choose an off-the-shelf program – everything I do is 100% customised to the outcomes each client wants for the team.

And my 110% Guarantee means if I don’t deliver what I’ve promised, you pay nothing, and I pay you 10% of my quoted fee as an apology for letting you down.

In over 30 years of business, I’m proud to have never had to honour that promise!

Learning and Development Expertise
Leadership Development,
Mastering Communication,
Improving Productivity
Learning and Development Experiences
Half Day Workshops,
Full Day Workshops,
Content Customisation,
Conference and Event Speaking,
My Qualifications
BA (Psychology and Sociology)
MBTI Accreditation (to Step II level – or the Majors PT Elements model) Accreditation in Educational Applications of NLP &
Generative Learning
Mental Health First Aid Qualification
Professional Trainers Qualification (Marvin Oka)
Fellow – Institute for Learning Professionals
Clients I have worked with
University of Melbourne,
Deakin University,
Monash University,
Victoria University,
NSW University,
Western Sydney University and
Queensland University of Technology
TAFE – Holmesglen, Kangan Batman, Southwest Victoria
Ambulance Victoria,
EY (Ernst & Young),
PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers),
Downer Group,
Australian Super Management,
Maroondah City Council,
State Revenue Office Victoria,
Zurich Insurances,
EPA Victoria

New Zealand
Asia Pacific

Let’s work together

State Revenue Office of Victoria

“The course exceeded my expectations. Having attended similar courses, my mind was slightly closed. Sandi’s presentation skills, professionalism, enthusiasm and content proved very insightful, entertaining and valuable.” 

David Grant – Investigator,

Monash Residential Services

The retreat was an outstanding success. Sandi’s style of presentation and engagement was dynamic, enthusiastic and inclusive. She took the time before the retreat to ensure the program content fully catered for our corporate needs. Her obvious high skill level and subject matter expertise gave her the cognizance to develop and include content material to deliver a program that was exceptional. Sandi’s willingness to share ideas and personal life experiences endeared her to all. Participant feedback after the event is very encouraging and as a result I am working with Sandi to determine the scope and frequency of further programs for us.

Vladimir A Prpich – Director


Synergy Plus Training & Development

Sandi is without doubt one of the most skilled communicators and facilitators of change that I have ever encountered in my professional career. Her skill as a communicator is truly extraordinary, and the creativity and spontaneity she brings to the learning environment is exceptional. Many participants comment that their learning with Sandi has been a ‘life changing experience’

Denise Lavell – Training Service Manager