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Why to work with us 

We are a tech enabled online community of independent facilitators, coaches, trainers and learning designers passionate about human skills. Clients use our online platform to find learning experts and new ideas, brief these experts, and book learning solutions online, on the fly. 

Key benefits from our free membership for experts include:  

  • connecting and being matched with new clients in need
  • booking a few extra days or projects per year at a rate you set 
  • procurement, sales and payments being handled for you (you focus on the work) 
  • sharing business opportunities with the group  (what goes around…..) 
  • standardised proposal formats and calendar integration to save you time 

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How does this work?

Step 1. Customers share their brief with our community caretakers.

Step 2.  They notify community experts who fit the brief. 

Step 4. Well matched experts respond in a standardised format to help clients easily review and compare ideas, price guidelines and solutions.  

3. A virtual meet and greet is organised via zoom for shortlisted experts to confirm and flesh out solution requirements. 

4. The client confirms they’d like to move forward, Change Republic invoices the client and assist in the management of the client through the process.   

Tell me about the commercials ...

Membership is currently free and Change Republic keeps a small commission for building tech, handling procurement, invoicing, sales and marketing.  

Once clients confirm, Change Republic invoices for a 20% deposit and a tentative booking is held. Once this is paid, the booking is confirmed.  The client is sent an invoice for the balance 14 days prior to project commencing. Where possible, Change Republic pre-authorise the invoice amount on a credit card so we can release the payment to experts within 14 days of the work. 

Let’s chat further on this in our intro chat. 

How does Change Republic ensure quality assurance?

Most experts have been referred by enterprise customers or existing members. We are a small tight community focused on superior outcomes and change. Our caretakers maintain a close relationship with members.    

What are our community values?

We believe that live learning experiences shifts people towards a better future for themselves and the businesses they work in. Change Republic is a community that values a growth mindset, passion for the work, transparency in our  communications, and doing the right thing by each other. If that resonates let’s talk. 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Joining the Community

How will I know my profile is live?

Click on join and fill in the form so we can learn about you.  We’ll then create your profile and send a password protected page it to you to review. We launch new facilitators every week we will ask you to sign off by Thursday.

How will I be notified of new opportunities?

As soon as a project is posted in your area of expertise we’ll notify you by email. We can’t tell you exactly when the first brief will be coming to you, but we estimate most members will receive around three to five projects per year. 

How will I get paid?

We accept a booking deposit of 20% for every project. We then invoice the client on the day of your engagement. We invoice on 14 days terms and pay within 7 days of being paid by the client.

Submitting Proposals

How do I submit a proposal + how do I get help?

When we send you a proposal opportunity we will include a link to our proposal tool. This is a form designed to showcase your strengths for each opportunity. We will also provide the client a link to your profile. This process is designed to make creating a proposal fast and easy. You can add any attachments you need.

If you need help call one of our support crew or use the chat support box on the site to get help. Call our support crew now on 0448 351 767.

What happens when I submit my brief?

We will share your proposal with our client along with a link to your profile. Your email address will be retained by change The client will select up to three preferred options and then arrange a shortlist interview via Zoom.

How does the shortlist process work?

Clients sometimes want to speak to more than one expert before making a decision. In our proposal form we’ll ask for times that you will be available for a conversation. When a client shortlists you we’ll confirm a time and arrange a quick online video hook up the client (eg. via Zoom).  

Can I revise my proposal after a shortlist interview?

After your interview you can confirm your interest in the project. If you have discussed  refinements to the proposal including price you can quickly resubmit elements of your proposal. We will then share your final proposals with  your client. If the project isn’t a fit you can also withdraw your proposal.

How does booking and payment work?

Once the client makes a selection they pay a booking fee of 20% upfront. We confirm that you’re available before we process the payment. Once the payment is processed we’ll confirm with you and the client that the booking has been processed and connect you with each other. After the training, we’ll issue an invoice for the balance due 14 days after the training is completed. We will pay you within 7 days of being paid by the client.

Browse + Book

What is Browse + Book?

Browse + Book allows clients to view your profile and then make a booking based on your availability. You can set your own rates for full and half day workshops or coaching listed on your profile. This allows businesses to book you on the spot, ideally while you sleep!  

Can I speak to the business before the training starts?

We’ll arrange a briefing session via video hook up with the client to make sure you understand their objectives and can tailor the workshop or coaching to suit your needs. 

What if I change my mind?

After your one on one consultation, either party can change their mind within 24 hours. If either you or the business change their mind within 24 hours of the consultation we will refund the 20% deposit to the business or find an alternative expert.

How will I be paid for the project?

Change Republic will send an invoice on the day of the engagement payment due within 14 days. We pay you within 7 days.

Creating your own programs

What if I need help to run a program?

As a community member you can create a brief for other experts within the community to assist you to run a program with a client. Just like the clients, you will receive responses and select other experts to help.

For example, you might be in Brisbane and need someone to run some days of a program in Melbourne for you. You would post the project to the community and find someone to work with you.

How does the process work ?

Change Republic will track the proposal process and confirm the details like dates and payments with each expert participating in the program, just like we do for clients. 

How will I receive my proposals?

We will email you all of the proposals + a link to the experts profile.  You can then either book your preferred expert or you can shortlist up to three experts. We will then arrange an online video hook-up for you to have a discussion.

How does the shortlist process work?

After this interview our community members will confirm their ongoing interest in the project. If you request refinements to the proposal your expert will resubmit the proposal. We will then share the final proposals on your private home page.

How do I make a booking?

Once you make a selection your client will pay us a booking fee of 20% upfront for the project. We will confirm the experts are all still available before we process the payment. We will then issue an invoice for the balance which will be due 14 days after the training is completed. Once we have been paid we will then pay each expert on your behalf.

Contact our founders

  • Reach out to our founders to find out more. We will offer you support and answer your questions personally at OR 

PS We believe in work life balance!

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