Meet Lorella. 

Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change ~ Wayne Dyer

Learning design and delivery

My Approach

I am an L&D Specialist who, through understanding organisation strategy and its future capability needs, will identify the learning priorities to enable employees to constantly evolve and develop to be their best. By identifying the current and future skills requirements of an organisation, I am capable of designing and implementing flexible learning interventions (through digital and other means) to meet the diverse needs of the workforce. I have worked on projects for Sanofi, Carter Holt Harvey, Primary Healthcare and iNova. I believe every individual in an organisation has the right to perform at their best. My role is to assist my employer to achieve that.

Values based collaborator who cares deeply about people: their development and well-being

Software and Design Tools
RISE 360
Storyline 360
Microsoft Suite
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Digital Learning Design
Blended Learning Design
Face to Face Learning Design
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Learning Experience Design
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Social Learning Design
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Learning Brochures and Support Materials
Facilitator Guides
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LMS administration
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Genos – Emotional Intelligence
Clients I have worked with
• Designed effective solutions that both built capability and supported the Diabetes sales force as individuals.
• Actively shared in the facilitation of skills programs, along with considering their effectiveness and seeking continuous improvements by refining the L&D Team’s approach.
• Significantly improved the L&D team’s visual design abilities
• Contributed as instructional designer for the LIFE program project to Sanofi receiving the 2019 LearnX Industry Awards for the LIFE Wellbeing program.
• Individual coaching for improved confidence and performance

@Carter Holt Harvey
• Streamlined the existing training records repository system and improved compliance across the business by introducing Business Objects Reporting for training records and licences.
• Introduced scenario based e-learning and designed and developed several programs to be used across the business, including induction and orientation aids.
• Managed the development of Skills Matrices across all Timber, Panels, Ply and Distribution Centres. @Primary Health Care – Medical Centres
• Developed & implemented an L&D strategy to the business using their performance appraisal model.
• Developed a team of 3 trainers to deliver programs nationally.
• Improved MC Orientation program incorporating SOP training and aligning Company purpose and values to assist in a culture change. @iNova
• Optimising training expenditure by analysing needs for specific functions and groups of employees and recommending appropriate training programs to senior and department managers
• Planning training requirements to meet short and long term business needs (based on annual individual performance assessment and future organisational needs)
• Transferred to the online space a suite of compliance and face to face training.
• Successfully sourced, organised and coordinated in house: – The iNova Careers Fair.
As part of the Outplacement Support Program, a total of 53 representatives from 23 organisations participated in the job fair offering opportunities of employment to a total of 135 employees over the course of two half days.
– Frontline Management Training over 2 years using an external training provider resulting in 19 employees achieving accreditation and iNova receiving government funding.
– Executive Coaching and a Leadership program for executives and iNova’s top talent respectively
. Both programs were pitched to increase the individuals’ development accountability.
– Scientific Writing Course and Internal Consulting Course requested by QA and IT Managers.
– A team to design the Learning Management System according to iNova’s needs.
Through collaboration the user specifications and LMS matrix was finalised ready for implementation.


Bachelor of Science (Microbiology/Biochemistry)
TAE40110 Certificate IV in Training & Assessment
ICCP Executive Certificate Intensive, Executive Coaching
Cosmetics & Pharmaceutical Technology Certificate
Platinum LearnX Live Awards Winner 2019, Best L&D Project: Wellbeing 
Mental Health First Aid Certificate
Accredited Strengths Profile Practitioner
Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Step I & II Certificate
DiSC Accreditation
Design, Develop & Facilitate eLearning (TAEDES503A, TAEDEL501A) Certificate

Subject Matter Expertise
Influence at work
Emotional Intelligence Training
Growth Mindset Training
Adaptability Skills
Building Collaboration
High Performance Teams
Self Development
Unconscious Bias

Compliance Training
Medical Training
Training Workshops
Leadership Development
Coach the Coachee
Train the Trainer
Sales Skills
Mental Health
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