Meet Lisa P.

Unlocking-innovation, creativity & growth needed for 10X thinking

Specialising in 10X thinking and ROI in learning

10X thinking

Ever wondered how Google achieved so much? They apply 10X thinking to everything they do. It forces you to think outside your normal mental models and reimagine your approach. Lisa will teach you the concept of 10X thinking and help you put it into action to unlock unparalleled potential in yourself and your team. 

ROI from Learning

What will you learn? Lisa will use real case studies to teach you the rapid performance improvement methods she crafted and tested across the world. They’re simple, immediately implementable…and have driven exponential ROI for her clients. You’ll leave with a plan of how you can apply this to your business.

My Approach

Lisa has grown the capability of over 4,500 humans in 60 businesses across 14 countries. She’s an [ex-Google] capability shapeshifter, her strength is knowing how to unlock the potential of businesses and humans swiftly through her Rapid Upskill methodology. She leverages a background in behavioural profiling, coaching, training, selling, business development and leadership to achieve this. Lisa has won 9 LearnX awards and a Stevie Award for driving return on investment for their customers. Her customers are some of the most progressive companies in the world like Google, Cirque Du Soleil & LinkedIn.

Lisa was the Sales Capability Manager for Google‘s Channel Partnerships team where she won a global award for Innovation for her progressive approach and the rapid results she was able to achieve. Imagining, developing and driving capability strategy for Google across so many types of businesses and markets made her realise that the only difference between where a business is now and where they need to be is their ability to learn. Lisa thrives on creating that connection between learning and commerce and making learning what it should be: the ultimate source of your competitive advantage. 

Lisa has also been an Entrepreneur of the year finalist and won the prestigious pitching competition at MITs entrepreneurship intensive.

She also has two cats, Misty and Harry and a border collie named Charlie. She is dog trainer in the making, most recently teaching Charlie how to box with her. 


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