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Frequently Asked Questions

How soon will you be in touch?

You will hear from us within 24 hours or on the next business day.

What do I need to provide for the 1st proposal?

We will get all of your existing design elements from you like you logo (in JPEG or PNG format), any brand images and past proposals. Firstly we will get your feedback and adjust your template for you. You then need to send us details of the brief and your response and we will then prepare a live response for you. Prices GST exclusive.

What about the following proposals?

We will keep your template and all of the assets you provided us on file. For your next proposal we will prepare this for $99 per proposal. Each proposal can have three edit rounds.Prices GST exclusive.

Profiling your brand

We will interview you on your area of speciality and include your profile under our sponsored posts module on our blog.  Each article will include a link to your website and profile you as the expert. Limited to 1 article per month. Each article will feature one round of corrections.  $249 per article –  GST exclusive.

How does admin support work?

We will provide 3 hours of admin support a month for $99. We will create timelines and project plans for your clients and then deliver to them. This includes, finding venues, organising printing and booking your travel. Prices GST exclusive.