Meet Matt C. 

Be a Productivity Ninja™

Specialising in productivity and stress management 


Our productivity workshops and coaching  helps our clients unpack habits, choices, actions, attention and focus. We assist clients to become more ruthless with prioritisation, use mindfulness and carve out time for deep work. We’re big on inbox zero, optimising meeting management, and personalising the management the tools and tech for the individual. 

Stress Management

To optimise our productivity we need to improve stress management and become more personally affective. Improved stress management improves our overall cognitive function and helps create improved behaviour in creativity, collaboration, critical thinking and complex problem solving  (to name a few!).  


My Approach

I draw on real experiences from twenty years in the corporate sector. I know what it takes to create impact and change with learning versus a “nice day out”. My team and I use one on one at desk coaching to watch and learn about the leaders or individuals we work with. We also use blended and practical learning to cement new behaviours on the job.  

Globally we assist clients to be more productive, reduce stress and love their work. As the owner and managing director of a dynamic multi faceted business myself, I experience first hand how to juggle competing personal and professional priorities. Ultimately we are human, not superheros and the more we understand and work with our limits the more we can achieve. 

Helping individuals to work smarter and work on the RIGHT things is a huge fulfillment factor for me because this improves the quality of life of individuals. Ultimately I’m extremely passionate about seeing people happy, working on things they love or get a kick out of. 


Learning and Development Expertise


Leadership Development

Time management and prioritisation

Productivity in teams

Mindset and wellbeing


Emotional Intelligence

Learning and Development Expertise

Executive coaching

Executive coaching programs

Half day workshop

Full day workshops

Bespoke Programs 

Conference and Event Speaker

My Qualifications

Bachelor of Business, Economics and Finance, University of Technology, Sydney.

Yogic Studies (Satyananda Yoga) – 2 years 


Clients I have worked with

Coca Cola 

Youi Insurance 

Credit Union Australia 

Ashurst Legal 

International Baccleaureate

Government Departments 



Australia, New Zealand and Asia with an offering globally through Think Productive Global 

Let’s work together

Youi Insurance, Group Head of Learning.

You have to get Matt. 


Blackmores, Senior Product Manager.

Life changing! Matt helped me develop a system that not only let me manage multiple projects more effectively, but also allowed me to leave them at the door. My results have improved, my stress levels have dropped significantly. Matt personalised the process to ensure I found solutions that worked for our unique business model. I cannot recommend Matt highly enough, everyone should be given this training! 

Rachel McDonald, Blackmores Senior Product Manager 

Orchard, Group Account Director

I recently participated in one of Matt’s Productivity Ninja training days and it has made a real difference. My days are organised; I’m achieving more in each day; and I’m procrastinating less! Plus I have Inbox Zero! You come away with REALLY useful tricks, tips and tools that I’m using everyday. If you’re looking to get more done every day I strongly recommend his Productivity Ninja training. 


Ed Commander, Group Account Director