Meet Leanne H. 

Creating unpredictable workshop experiences (that predictably work)

My Approach

I love it when people show up for ‘just another boring training day’, and it’s not what they expect! I love turning their day around and surprising them with a really good time. I love seeing people actually learn a lot and have an amazing experience.

I help people create unpredictable workshop experiences (that predictably work). Whether you’ve been presenting for years or you’ve just been asked to run something for the first time, I can show you how to not bore people out of their seats.

I’ve always loved seeing great facilitators kill it in a room. I used to watch them and want to know two things: How did they get so confident? And where did they get their strategies? Now I run workshops that people are still talking about years later, and I can help you and your people to do it too.

Learning and Development Expertise
Leadership Development
New Leaders
Clifton Strengths Finders For Teams
Building Relationships and Influence
Communications (including “Train the Trainer”)
Presentation skills
Learning and Development Experiences
Learning Design
Conference and Event Speaking
Coaching Programs
Learning Consultant
My Qualifications
Bachelor of Arts/ Bachelor of Business Management in Psychology and HR,
University of Qld
Team Management Profiles
Certified Pivot Method facilitator (2019)
Mental Health First Aid certificate (2016)

2018 Australian finalist for Learning Professional of the Year

Clients I have worked with
Thiess CIMC
Leighton Asia Contractors
Retail First
Shire of Broome
All regions

Let’s work together

Retail First

Over the past four years, I’ve been responsible for organising and executing an annual conference for 30 senior members within my team. Over these years, we have successfully bedded down a solid structure, routine and culture for the event. Coming into our fifth conference this year, we wanted to create something new, something fresh whilst maintaining the positivity of previous events. Being a hands on organiser, a previous event allowed me to control the agenda, who spoke, when they spoke and what they spoke about.

This year, engaging Leanne as a facilitator for two days meant letting go of most of the control and going all in.
What resulted was a conference agenda that was flipped 180 degrees, without losing any quality or output. There was increased engagement from all delegates and overwhelming feedback of Leanne’s contribution to the event.

Leanne had a strong command of the business principles and the content delivered, linked seamlessly through the facilitation of all sessions and breaks. She was able to read the room effectively and manipulate the content to ensure maximum engagement from all people in the group.

If you’re looking for a fresh approach to your next event, then look no further than Leanne Hughes.
Her personality and competence shines in her role as MC, facilitator and speaker. She is bright, energetic and extremely down-to-earth, making her the perfect fit.

Lee Anderson

Thiess (CIMIC Group)

Leanne is an amazing stakeholder, L&D expert and star facilitator at Thiess – CIMIC Group. Her intuitive insights into the learner experience, along with her strong knowledge/expertise in facilitation delivery ensured that our Leadership program really hit the mark with the learners. She is passionate and assertive. Leanne really considers what makes the learners tick and remain engaged, whilst still ensuring the learning deliverables “stick”. As a facilitator, she is is motivational, likeable, articulate and concise. As a stakeholder, she shares concepts, feedback and ideas clearly and is an absolute pleasure to work with. It was lovely working with Leanne and it would be great to do it again in the future.


Start Up Co-Founder

Leanne is an inspirational and motivational speaker. She has away of cutting through the fluff to get straight to the point.Leanne’s style is both engaging and informative. She hasgenuine warmth combined with deep domain expertise. It wasmy pleasure to meet and learn from Leanne.