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Learn how to gain a competitive advantage in this tough landscape for top talent and rapidly changing world of work. 

Specialising in attracting, engaging and retaining top millennial talent

Millennials in the workforce

Attracting, engaging and retaining nextgen leaders to build sustainable workforces for the future of work. This helps ‘bridge the generation gap’ to enable increased understanding, reduced turnover and access to the best young talent. 

Social Recruitment Strategy

Leveraging LinkedIn to build your brand and attract top talent – This is applicaple for either an organisational brand perspective or an individual personal brand perspective. The outcome is more market visibility, credibility, opportunity, ease of access to top talent and ideal clients. 

My Approach

The reality is we are in a new paradigm of work and millennials are in the drivers seat of this change. With millennials set to be 75% of the entire workforce by 2025 and turnover from this generation alone already costing organisations $31 billion per annum, companies desperately need a new

I assist on both sides of the coin – working both with senior executives and younger team members (millennials and genZ) to enhance understanding, reduce turnover and boost engagement. I bring together my experience working globally with companies from 3 – 300,000 employees to optimise their staffing strategies, working ‘behind the scenes’ with top CEO’s to create their own portfolio careers and personally coaching over 200+ millennials to accelerate their careers.

My training and coaching is results driven, authentic, honest and practical without the usual corporate fluff. The focus is on helping companies to remain competitive through this rapid changing world of work. Through interactive, engaging, relatable practical tools and insights shared – more connected working environments across multiple generations are created to increase inclusion, team effectiveness, reduce turnover and enhance profits.

Learning and Development Expertise


Leadership Development
Engaging Millennials in the workforce
Building sustainable multigenerational workforces for the future
Millennial and GenZ specialist
Career development
LinkedIn training

Learning and Development Experiences

Half Day Workshops

Full Day Workshops

Bespoke Programs

Conference and Event Speaking

Executive Coaching Programs

Organisational Development Strategy

My Qualifications
Member – Directors Institute next generation directors
Certified in Predictive Index Behavioural Assessments
University of Sydney – Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Industrial Relations, Human resource Management, Strategic Management and Marketing
Clients I have worked with
The Executive Connection,
Open Colleges,
University of Sydney,
University of NSW,
Newgate Communications,
Renovate and Real Estate,
Simply Converting, Healthy Numbers,
Global Work and Travel Co,
Alium Works,
Real Skills Education,
General Assembly.

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Alium S

‘After seeing Amy in action, it was easy to see why she is a leader in her field. The day proved to be very successful and participants could do nothing but compliment us on how it was managed, which I can put down to how Amy guided the participants through the program.

I’d have no hesitation to recommend Amy to any organisation that is looking to engage with and guide their next generation of employees for the future.’

Grant Black – Head of Operations at Alium Works



Amy was instrumental as a HR representative through a major change management process, helping numerous staff members transition their employment to a new provider or explore further opportunities in their current organisation. 

Amy has exceptional attention to detail, is thorough and knowledgable in numerous HR functions. Amy also has great interpersonal skills and is a thought leader within the organisational framework. 

Amy provides sound and reliable HR advice and is central to driving and maintaining positive culture in the workplace.’ 

Brooke Atkins – Regional Manager, YMCA NSW



‘Amy understands how people operate and has superior interpersonal skills, which makes it easy for her to gain the trust of people very early in the relationship. She demonstrated a deep understanding of the employee lifecycle and its nuances and always delivered exceptional service and experiences.

She has a positive and upbeat attitude that is contagious and her positive energies are always channeled in the right direction.’

Dan Stephen – Growth and Strategic Partnerships – Google, San Francisco