MEET Robyn

Key insights into how generational change is shaping how we
will do business in the future. 

Specialising in

digital preparedness in a tech savvy world

Transforming in a digital economy

A recent survey undertaken by Deloitte shows that digitally savvy businesses are 50% more likely to be seeing growth compared to their non digital neighbours. Robyn’s insights provide clear and relevant information on how generational change is shaping the way consumers do business. Her talk will inspire and revitalise the way you think about your own business and the market opportunities ahead.

My Approach

I have over 20 years’ experience working with small businesses to support, educate and nurture their capacity to adapt to change.

My presentations are refreshing and perceptive, providing insight into the demographic changes that are
shaping our future.

I come from a precinct management and destination marketing background. This has helped me to develop a passion for business in particular small independent businesses.  But today’s ever-changing economic landscape provides constant challenge. Business operators now need a diverse range of skills to remain competitive and ahead of the pack.  

I help businesses take a more strategic approach as both technological and generational changes impact our economy.  Once Generation Z (the kids) which follows Gen Y (the Millennials), has fully joined the workforce, it will be the youngest workforce Australia has seen since World War II. What does this mean for your business with a digitally savvy workforce and equally digitally savvy customers? Where do want your business to be in 2030?  

In my presentation, I provide you with Seven Principles that successful businesses are applying to adapt and succeed in the digital economy.  I have supported many businesses to develop the roadmap to a digital future in social and digital marketing and e-commerce

I have deep insight into how digital will affect your team and your business community. This is based on my experience supporting business groups, councils, chamber of commerce, start-ups and boards in regional areas. 

My presentations are customised for maximum audience benefit.  I would love to talk with you to create a customised presentation that will create the springboard to your digital future. 

Learning Experiences

Conference and Event Speaking

Digital Business Coaching Programs


My Qualifications

Marketing and Business Communications. Eastern Institute of Technology

 Toastmasters NZ – Certificate in Speechcraft
City of Sydney Council – Developing Women Leaders Graduate
Dale Carnegie – Certificate in Business Leadership, Communication & Management
Business Enterprise Centre Australia – Accredited Business Coach

My Locations
Eastern Seaboard Regional Areas