Find our newest local facilitators, executive coaches and freelance learning professionals. 

Front Line Leadership

Mahongo guides new and mid level leaders by helping them to reach their goals. Mahongo offers in depth workshops across a full range of front line manager needs.

Influence and Change

Anneli works with leaders and teams on communication, influence, interpersonal intelligence, change leadership and collaboration.

Resilience - digital + creative

Nicola mentors and coaches people working in the high stress creative and digital industries. Increase productivity, reduce absenteeism and increase retention.

Leadership and Change

Rowdy works with CEO’s, teams and leaders in the areas of leadership motivation, business and change management. Rowdy offers customised programs for your team.

Emotional Intelligence

Deb offers executive level insight into emotional intelligence, leadership and communication facilitation. She is practical in her style + focused on skill development.

Digital Transformation

Robyn offers insights into how digital transformation and changes to our workforce makeup will affect businesses.  Highly engaging speaker for events.

Presentation Skills Mastery

David is offers exceptional presentation skills coaching programs. He taken10,000 people to a mastery level of presentation. Transform your ability to influence others.

Event Emcee

Denise is a professional speaker and emcee. With a long history in HR and as professional entertainer Denise will bring wit and style to your professional events.

Leadership Development

Andrew supports leaders w to become strong confident and positive and enhances their ability to lead change . Andrew offers both coaching and facilitation.

Body Intelligence

Thea has over 15 years experience in facilitating and coaching programs in Body Intelligence and helping people create a lasting and sustainable career. 

Mental Health Fitness

Bill has over 20 years experience in facilitating and coaching programs in Sales, Service and Mental Health Fitness. He creates authentic connections with teams.

Leadership + Customer Skills

Jenny creates trusted and safe environments for professional services firms to develop their teams leadership skills and customer engagement skills.

Executive Team Alignment

Graham works with executive leadership teams to create aligned cultures, by focusing on conscious conversations. 

ROI Coaching

Emma focuses on leadership coaching. that turns learning into change to create a healthy ROI for businesses and executives.

Leadership Self Awareness

Peter works with leaders to develop a self awareness to improve outcomes with teams they work with.

Leadership Development

Adam approaches leadership development and team building workshops by engaging participants in their learning.

Leadership and Sales

Richard facilitates and coaches teams to create better commercial outcomes through on leadership and customer engagement.

Women's Leadership

If it is time to reset your goals + reconnect I am here to support you through coaching. I specialise well beingwomen in leadership.

Millennial Engagement

Amy helps support recruitment engagement and retention millennials and gen Z team members by creating a collaborative intergenerational workforce.

Leadership and Sales

Scotty inspires leadership and sales teams with his real life entrepreneurial journey from start-up to exit. Get practical insights into living a Healthy, Wealthy and Wise life.

Emotional Intelligence

Wendy leads highly engaging interpersonal skills, leadership and communication workshops. Highly experienced emotional intelligence facilitator.

High Performance Leaders

A powerful sales and leadership facilitator, speaker and executive coach. Deal with digital disruption by gaining superior leadership, sales + customer skills.

Lead and Manage Change

Kerrie’s aim is to support managers and staff to develop skills and confidence to build constructive work environments and respond to challenges in a proactive way

Vision and Values

Leonie brings teams together and helps set direction, vision and values. Great for changing environments, team kick offs and conference facilitation.

Innovation and Intrapreneurs

Cherie facilitates lean start up principals to support innovation and intrapreneurial  skills in a hands on engaging way. Create new projects and engage your team.

Personal Productivity

Matt can help you create a new approach to your personal productivity  and stress management practices. Matt is the right person to you or your team to a higher level.

Sales and Leadership

Ian helps CEO’s, sales leaders and sales teams gain the insights they need to effectively engage with customers during digital disruption.

Capability Specialist

Nikki will help you create identify the skills that are needed in the future and translate this into a detailed capability and workforce plan.

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