Change Republic is brand new to the market and as we chat to learning and development people we just keep getting asked how are different to seek. Strangely it never ever occurred to us that we would be like seek in any way because we think about the creation of learning as a gorgeously creative project. Coming from marketing we just find it natural to call in a freelancer with unique skills when you need to cause that’s just what we do in marketing. So here we go, how are we different to Seek?

#1: We are a learning community

Communities work when you have a group of people with interconnected skills. They need a unifying purpose and ours is to create gorgeous learning. We are bringing together a talented group of specialists on hand who can complement the skills of your existing team and help you scale up. We bring together a broad and rich community that can contract, do a project or complete a quick task. This gives you flexibility when you are hiring.

  • Planning: Get the foundations right with OD and L and D strategists to plan your capability and learning community.
  • Design: Our growing community of instructional designers for e-learning, face to face workshops and virtual workshops are a highly credentialed and talented group.
  • Development: Developers bring their unique skills to creating games, AR, VR and websites. Need a comms plan to help engage your learners, need you e-learning proof read, need a learning copywriter, course brochures designed, video capture, video editor, illustrator, animator, graphic designer this is where you will find them.
  • Delivery: Our community of independent facilitators coaches and speakers are the right people to bring in when you need to create a workshop, inspire them at a conference or offsite and support your learners through coaching.
  • Support: Need help to curate your online library, update LMS records, or provide admin support.

#2 Flexible workforce

We tap into a different type of potential workforce for learning and development. We bring together a broad and rich community that can contract, do a project or complete a quick task. Change Republic has private and public members. Some of our speakers are actually Heads and L and D who just love sharing their passion at offsites. Our sidehustlers are current practitioners in some of our biggest name companies. They are looking for work variety or saving for a big goal.

We also have a wide range of people who are looking for flexible work while they spend time with their families or kickstart their retirement travel. We have grads and undergrads who work in support roles to get their start in their career. To say nothing of our professional freelancers who just don’t want to work in the traditional way. Offering new ways to work creates new opportunities to connect and expand the diversity of thought and problem solving capabilities in your team.

#3 Competitive Quotes

We post your job for free to a community of experts who choose to respond to the job and provide you with indicative pricing. You can then shortlist the people you want to work with. This means you are accessing market prices for the work you need to done. Our community publish their profiles in advance so you can quickly view the potential people you might need to work with as well as understand how they might approach the task you are working on.

#4 We find the people who aren’t seeking

We are bringing new people to learning. Our background in marketing and media means that we are connecting media style producers with opportunities in the learning community. They haven’t previously understood how their storytelling and media production experience is relevant in learning. Once they see how they can work with you, people from other media are intrigued and want to explore how their craft can work in new environments. We call these people Learning Creatives. Learning Creatives provide the creative juice that takes learning to the next level.

#5 Customised Onboarding

Enterprise level customers are able to custom design the questions they ask our community when they respond to a job. The customised q and a process we use when people respond to your jobs significantly saves time in the shortlisting process. Do you want to see work examples up front? Do you need a different kind of flexible work agreement that will work for you? Get the answers to these questions early and save time.

We think Seek is great, we are offering a different experience which is designed to help you flex up and down quickly and easily. The gig economy is going to affect the way we work together. We are here to make this transition a great one for the L and D community.

This article was created by our co-founders Emily Walker and Kylie Sinclair. Change Republic is bringing the best creative and learning talent we can find to create gorgeous learning experiences. Our community of OD and L and D strategists, instructional designers, designers, communications experts, videographers, animators and developers can help you bring together a modern learning experience. If you need to outsource we can help. Jump online check us out here.