Emily Walker


Welcome to the world

Your birth was arduous, long and at times uncomfortable. But you’re here now, imperfect and incomplete. We birth you to this world in a time of change. Change for how we work as more of us contract remotely, change for how we live as we reflect on what’s important, change for what we do as we born in a time of improving prosperity and peace.

Change Republic is an online marketplace for the people who create learning and development experiences. It was born to connect learning and development teams with the strategists, instructional designers, learning developers, facilitators and coaches freelancers and small teams. We are born to help teams felx and bring in the specialised support they need to compliment their teams. 

We believe learning creates opportunity for everyone. Learn what we don’t know, learn why we’re different. Learn to be diverse, resilient, learn and unified. Learn to be courageous, creative and brave. Learn to be fair, just and wise. We can learn to ask for help. Learn to step into the light and share our vulnerability. Learn to thrive.

Welcome to Change.